Shockwave Media is a team of creatives who pride themselves in being the finest in their field. Based out of Sydney with a team throughout the East Coast, Shockwave Media specialises in bringing corporate marketing strategy, technology, and resources to the SME market.

With its foundation built on service, quality and communication, Shockwave Media aims to become your marketing department, your partner in success.

From the smallest of beginnings to a national outreach, Shockwave Media empowers businesses to be seen.

From a team of creatives whose motto is “Serve All, Exceed All,” Shockwave Media aims to streamline and revolutionise the marketing process.

Shockwave Media aims to establish a marketing platform for all businesses across Australia and overseas.

 Already an industry leader in the club world, Shockwave Media views itself as a game changer in the marketing process and becoming a household name across the SME market.

 Shockwave Media’s objective is to create a new strategy to the marketing process.

Shockwave Media prides itself on its core values of trust, reliability and service.

 Success comes through service; service to ourselves, the team and the customer.

Shockwave Media aims to serve all its customers in exceeding the boundaries for success.

 Service is our greatest opportunity for success.


EzyPromotion is your complete cloud-based marketing solution that excels in delivering your message to the community.
We take responsibility for all your marketing needs; ensuring your peace of mind; saving countless hours and expense. Through the latest technology and a thorough understanding of SME marketing, EzyPromotion ensures your promotions have maximum exposure.
We understand your time is precious, so tell us what is happening at your club, and we’ll let your community know.

Your club’s entire marketing and promotion can be taken care of in a professional manner, using methods at the forefront of technology and meeting society’s expectations.

Tell us what is happening at your club and we’ll do the rest.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”   Milton Glaser

We partner our experience and resources to your ideas in creating “WOW” graphics.

Brochures, Posters, Business Cards, Website Graphics, DL’s and EDM’s can all be brought to life through vibrant and creative graphic design.

96% of people read their text within 4 minutes of receiving.

We offer FREE setup, reporting and assistance and no contract.

Make the jump and have personalised and instant contact with your customers.

We live in a new world of design.

Bring your ideas and graphics to reality with dynamic and visual animation.

Visually engage with your customers, by increasing the effectiveness of your delivery.

Our Clients


By 2018 almost 90% of Internet traffic will be video.

The majority won’t read more than a paragraph but they will press PLAY.

 Shockwave Media creates videos perfectly and professionally explaining your business or product. From explainer videos, testimonials, advertisements and mini-series to documentaries, Shockwave has the resources and experience to create your customised video.

Dynamic and realistic customized virtual studios bring your message to reality.

Technology is opening the door for businesses to revamp their image, training material and message to the public.

From real estate and financial updates to training videos, send your message to the public with professional high-quality videos.

Customized virtual studio sets enable your business to be seen.

Research shows websites with a video on a homepage keep customers on the website for longer, and are more likely to buy.
Video gives you access to a new platform of advertising like YouTube which has over 1 Billion viewers per month. We can target specific YouTube users in your area.
Shockwave Media can do a wide variety of videos that will perfectly suit your business and send the message you want.

Increase food sales by 60%.

Shockwave Media discovered the power of food videos several years ago while viewing a McDonald’s menu. Through video, they direct the customer’s attention to what they want you to order.

Catch your customer’s eye and increase sales by including video in your menu. These videos will bring your screens, POS systems, website and social media alive with customized videos of your food.

Revolutionise your branding by turning your written testimonials into video.

Video testimonials will have an innovative and genuine impact on your message to the public, proposals and sales.

Look at one of our customers’ website below and see where you gravitate to.

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