EzyPromotion is your complete cloud based marketing solution that excels in delivering your message to the community.
We take responsibility of all your marketing needs; ensuring your peace of mind; saving countless hours and expense. Through the latest technology and a thorough understanding of SME marketing, EzyPromotions ensures your promotions have maximum exposure.
We understand your time is precious, so tell us what is happening at your club, and we’ll let your community know.

Your entire marketing and promoting for your club can be taken care of in a professional manner, using methods at the forefront of technology and meeting society expectations.

Tell us what is happening at your club and we’ll do the rest.

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SMS Marketing

Everybody reads their text messages. – most with 4 minutes.
Our online bulk texting service allows you to have instant contact with your customers.
Shockwave Media brings affordable and easy to manage text and mobile marketing.
We offer free set-up and assistance and no contract. Just text when you need to text.
You can be set up and in touch with your customer within 5 minutes.

Try texting your customer now and let them know your latest offering.

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"WOW, SMS Marketing gave me Instant results"

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90% of the information our brain receives is visual. By 2018 almost 90% of Internet traffic will be video.
The majority won’t read more then a paragraph on a new website, but they will press PLAY. Shockwave Media can create a video perfectly explaining your business or product.

Research show’s website’s with a video on a homepage keep customer’s on the website for longer, and are more likely to buy.
Video gives you access to a new platform of advertising like YouTube who has over 1 Billion viewers per month. We can target specific YouTube uses in your area.
Shockwave Media can do a wide variety of video’s that will perfectly suit your business and send the message you want.

Check out a couple of our video’s, and ask yourself, what style of video would suit my business?

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